Health & safety madness

In the 2011 independent Löfstedt Review, Professor Ragnar Löfstedt identified 26 ways that occupational health and safety regulation in the UK could be improved through risk-based decision-making. His recommendations gained support amongst multiple stakeholders and, as a result, the Government implemented them in their entirety.

Professor Ragnar LofstedtRisk-based approaches accept that no system is 100% risk free, but emphasise that, by focusing on a few high-impact changes, decision-makers can more efficiently reduce a system’s risks. The risk-based Löfstedt Review, for example, found that the UK health and safety regulations were sound. Nevertheless, improvements could be made in their implementation, compliance, and the paperwork required in self-reporting.

Löfstedt is Professor of Risk Management in the Department of Geography and the Director of King’s Centre for Risk Management. He advises UK and Swedish Governments as well as Members of the European Parliament on evidence based and risk informed policy making with regard to many controversial topics, such as renewable energy policy, transboundary environmental issues (acid rain and nuclear power), health and safety, telecommunications, biosafety, pharmaceuticals, fuel policy, nuclear waste installations, and railways.

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