Big data, big impact

WaterWorld and Co$tingNature are two of the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated global environmental tools. They are web based spatial policy support systems, developed and maintained by Dr Mark Mulligan, his research team and partners.

Dr Mark MulliganThe freely-available tools are regularly used by some 1,200 organisations across >141 countries, including: World Wide Fund for Nature, US Environmental Protection Agency, CAFOD, World Bank and UNDP. These big-data tools are underpinned by the SimTerra database, a collection of more than 690 environmental and social variables mapped at the global scale.

These tools are used to examine water resources, ecosystem services and conservation priority anywhere on Earth, in relation to natural capital accounting and Sustainable Development Goals. As well as mapping current conditions, these tools are used to investigate the impact of scenarios of climate change, land use change, and of proposed policy interventions.

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