King's Water

With droughts and water-related hazards across the globe regularly making headlines, water is an essential topic when discussing future sustainability and well-being. Water, however, does not conform to needs defined by demand, international borders, or legislation. It must be used and stored strategically to meet the needs of all within the supply chain.

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Dr Naho MirumachiDr Naho Mirumachi leads King’s Water, a research hub on water, environment, and development that spans the breadth of social and physical sciences. King’s Water is networked with, and helps inform the work of a large number of international bodies and organisations.

King's Water examines the following key themes:

  • Water and food supply chains
  • Water infrastructure and institutions of water allocation and access
  • Conflict, cooperation, and water security 
  • Flood risk management
  • Aquatic science, ecotoxicology, and restoration of river and estuarine ecosystems

The scope of research in King’s Water is global, ranging from the UK and Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, South and Central Asia, and North America. King’s Water works in partnership with a range of leading training institutes, government agencies, NGOs, and independent trusts.