From research to impact:
Illustrations from King’s Geography

Dr Mark MulliganGeography is all around us. Not only in the physical features of our planet, but in the way that humans interact with the changing world around them. Geographers are driven by the desire to understand the world, in particular the interactions between people and their ecological, social and cultural environments. Geographers at King’s College London conduct research in nearly half of the world’s 200 countries, working across scales from the global to the local, from the mega-city to the village and beyond to advance knowledge in the service of society. On this website we summarise, through a selection of cases, the different ways in which research from the Department of Geography impacts the world beyond academia. Our research informs public policy and understanding of risk, contributes to better management of scarce natural resources, increases social resilience to change, helps resolve political disputes, informs city planners and improves natural hazard management and environmental monitoring.

We cannot here offer a fully comprehensive account of the research being undertaken in the Department. Nor does this website capture all the many non-academic beneficiaries of our research. But in their diversity, the cases illustrated here introduce how the knowledge that we generate makes a difference to the worlds that we study.

Mark Mulligan
Head of the Geography Department

About the Department of Geography

At King's our horizon for geographical research and study is the world, but also the many ways in which London is deeply connected with the wider world, for example through environmental processes, human mobility, finance and power, ideas and culture.

The Department’s research is organised around five domains of geographical knowledge: Contested Development, Environmental Dynamics, Risk and Society, Geocomputation and Urban Futures. Our research engages with global grand challenges and pressing environmental, urban and social issues such as climate change, disasters, smart cities, risk regulation, water, human migration and wildfire hazards. We undertake field research in over 70 countries located in all five continents and our research findings contribute to public debates and policy development on global, national and local scales.

King’s Geographers are outward-looking and entrepreneurial, seeking to understand the social and environmental challenges different societies around the world are facing and demonstrating how geographers can make a difference.

King’s Geography has over 60 academic, teaching and research staff and over 750 students. Many of our staff have won international and national awards for their work and often appear in the media commenting on topics in the news. In the latest UK Research Excellence Framework, almost 80 per cent of our research was rated as internationally excellent or world leading in quality.